5 Most Incredible Castles in Norfolk

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If you want to revisit the rich history and heritage of England, you can head to Norfolk and discover some of their best medieval structures. If you are some daredevil and do not want to stay in hotels, then you can go to these five most incredible castles:

Norwich Castle

Norwich Castle is a medieval royal wall in the city of Norwich. It was founded after the Norman conquest of England when William the Conqueror ordered its construction because he wanted to have a defense place in the city of Norwich. It was his only castle in East Anglia and was one of the 12 heritage sites in Norwich. In 1894, the Norwich Museum was moved to this castle and has been the museum there ever since which is now called Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery.

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Castle Rising

Castle Rising is a ruined medieval fortification in Norfolk, England built in around 1140 AD. Castle Rising is among the finest living examples of its kind with the massive surrounding earthworks. It has served as a hunting lodge, royal residence, and has even housed a mental patient during the 18th century. During the 15th century, the castle became more popular of its hunting facilities rather than its military equipment.

The most controversial time in its history was when it came to Edward III’s mother, Queen Isabella, following her participation in the murder of her husband Edward II.

Castle Acre Castle

This castle is also a medieval fortification built after the Norman Conquest by William de Warenne at the intersection of the River Nar and Peddars Way. After the civil war in England in 1135, the third earl also named William, set about improving the defense of the castle. He built tall keeps on top of the motte, strengthening the surrounding earthworks with stone walls. In the 21st century, Castle Acre Castle has been managed by English Heritage and has been open to visitors.

Baconsthorpe Castle

Baconsthorpe Castle is a moated and fortified manor house built by John Heydon and Sir Henry Heydon in the 15th century. Now it has become a ruin to the north of the Village of Baconsthorpe, constructed of flint with some brick. The curtain walls are complete which include the remains of towers, forming a square court. The remains of a three-story gatehouse with a two-story projection for the drawbridge are in the center of the south wall. It is administered by English Heritage and is freely accessible to the people.

Burgh Castle

This castle is a civil parish and village in the English county of Norfolk. It has been a site of one of the many Roman forts constructed to hold defense against the Saxon raids up the river of the south and east coasts of Southern Britain. Three of its imposing stone walls still survive making this among of the few best preserved Roman monuments in Britain. The fourth wall was destroyed a long time ago. Around the castle was a wildlife haven and panoramic view over Breydon Water.

What can you say about these medieval castles?

Best Hotels in Norfolk

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Norfolk is one of the best holiday destinations in England, with their incredible beaches and beautiful landmarks. If you are planning to spend your holidays here, check out these 5 top hotels you can stay with your friends and family. These hotels are highly-recommended and best rated by The Telegraph.

The Gunton Arms

The Gunton Arms is a traditional pub located four miles from the beaches of North Norfolk coast. There are historic parks and churches built near the hotel. They are notable for their astonishing collection of modern art on the walls featuring the works of Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Lucian Freud, Glenn Brown, Glenn Ligon, Beatriz Milhazes, Albert Oehlen, Paula Rego, Frank Auerbach and many others. Further, they have sculptures all around the area. Their bedrooms are designed by Robert Kime who also brought marbles from Egypt for the design. They serve a variety of food ranging from spicy aubergine to crispy duck salads. Their rooms are available for £95 per night.

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The Assembly House

The Assembly House was designed by architect Thomas Ivory in 1754 located in Norwich, Norfolk. It is also adjacent to Theatre Royal and shopping centers. Further, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes around. The hotel showcases original Georgian features including marble fireplaces, ornate plasterwork, and wooden paneling. Some of their rooms are decorated by interior designer Annabel Grey. The rooms have patterned fabrics, wall paintings, and contemporary artworks, as well as modern touches. They also have a Georgian dining room offering a wide variety of teas and sandwiches. You can stay here for £140 per night.

The Boathouse

Located at Ormesby Broad, Norfolk, The Boathouse boasts the view of the riverbanks which they regarded as perfect for fine country dining, luxurious accommodations and wedding celebrations. It is built with a classic touch, basically a restaurant with boutique rooms. They have rooms of different sizes, all with Wi-Fi, TV, tea and coffee makers, air-conditioner and more. They also offer classic pub dishes such as burgers, pies, fish, and chips. With just £85 per night, you can feel at The Boathouse.

The Hoste

The Hoste is a luxury boutique hotel located in the pretty village of Burnham Market, a couple of miles from the spectacular North Norfolk coastline. The Hoste was recognized as one of the leading cool hotels in 2017 by The Times. They have a historic bar, wellness spa, cinema, garden, fitness center, restaurants and 62 luxurious bedrooms. Their rooms are filled with ornate chandeliers and gilt mirrors. Plus, you can enjoy their menus offering seafood, ham and cheese, desserts and Vegetarian options. For only £80 per night, you can feel the luxurious lifestyle with The Hoste.

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The Norfolk Mead Hotel

This country house is located at a riverside in Norfolk. It follows a sophisticated Georgian design with dark furnishings, unframed artworks, attractive upholstered chairs and comfortable sofas. They have amazing services and facilities including facial, massage and waxing spa. All of their rooms are contemporary and stylish, especially their Chanterelle, the main house with views over the lawn. One can feel relaxed here in just £135 per night.

There are other hotels you can choose from that perfectly suit your taste and budget.