8 Amazing Restaurants in Norfolk You Should Visit

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Apart from the fun activities and the major attractions, one of the things that every traveler should consider is to get a taste of the local delicacies and original menus of a place. These foods are being served by various cafes and restaurants. If you are here in Norfolk, here are some of the restaurants you should visit:

If you are here in Norfolk, here are

Morston Hall

Apart from the chef slash proprietor Galton Blackiston, head chef Greg Anderson also made dining experience the best at this Michelin-starred restaurant. Located at Morston near Holt, this restaurant has been providing imaginative dishes served in a no-choice menu of up to seven courses including roasted squab pigeon, salt-baked celeriac, and buttermilk pannacotta. Their set dinner menu costs £75.

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The White Horse

This restaurant has amazing views directly onto tidal marshlands. They serve locally caught fishes and seafood including oysters, mussels, mackerel and sea bass. They also boast their local cheeses. The head of their kitchen is Chef Avrum Frankel. Prices range around £25 to £30 for three courses.

Roger Hickman’s Restaurant

This restaurant is covered with wooden floor, with a modern touch on its overall design and architecture. They offer French-inspired menus which include roast scallops with pumpkin risotto, pan-fried halibut with braized fennel, saffron and mussels. You can enjoy dining at £47 for three courses.

Titchwell Manor

Head chef, Chris Mann supervises the formal Conservatory Restaurant as well as the more relaxed Eating Rooms, which have a bar and terrace overlooking the beautiful view of the sea. The Conversation menu costs £38. Their service is absolutely friendly and efficient.

The Gunton Arms

The former head-chef of Mark Hix’s restaurant in London is now the master of the kitchen of The Gunton Arms. Chef Stuart Tattersall emphasizes on their menu the local and seasonal ingredients including Cromer crab, venison, and mussels. The restaurant is also known for their sirloin steaks, pork chops and red deer rump cooked on an open fire. Prices range from £25 to £30 for three courses.

Wiveton Farm Café

This restaurant with blessed with neon-colored furniture, frames, chairs, tables, and accessories. It is also located next to the marshes and grounds of Wiveton Hall. They offer locally-produced dishes which start around £8. They also serve barbecues, tapas, and pizza.

The Dial House

This Georgian house overlooks the main square of the rural market town in Norfolk. This is another venture of food entrepreneurs Iain and Clair Wilson. They are open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks where you can order some of the delicious Aga-cooked cakes. Their setting is so stylish with sophisticated tables, chairs, and crockery. Their prices start £25 for three courses.

The Great House

This French restaurant offers a wide variety of menus including red beetroot risotto, girolle mushrooms sautéed with cream, mains barbary duck, and pork belly. A three-course meal costs £36. They also serve la carte meals on Saturday evenings.

We are pretty sure you are hungry for reading this. It is the perfect time for you to head to one of these restaurants.


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