7 Amazing Churches in Norfolk

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England is made up of historic churches that showcase how religion flourished in the land. Churches are very important for the people in England where they can express their strong faith in God. Some of these historic churches are found in Norfolk. Check out this list of 7 churches we find amazing:

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St. Helen’s Church, Ranworth

St. Helen’s, also known as The Cathedral of the Broads was built in the 15th century. Visitors can climb their tower with 89 steps and 2 ladders to see the amazing view of the surrounding Norfolk broads. Within the church, a 15th century illuminated liturgical book called the RanworthAntiphoner steals the attention of the churchgoers.

All Saints Church, Burnham Thorpe

This village was the birthplace of Horatio Nelson and his father, Edmund Nelson who was the rector of All Saints. Horatio returned to Burnham Thorpe after spending over five years in the Navy. There he started his role as captain of the church. Now you can see amazing memorabilia of the Nelson family. All Saints church was renovated with stones from the nearby church in Burnham Sutton.

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St. Mary’s Church, Happisburgh

St. Mary’s is a large 15th-century church with a tower that stands 110 feet. The west tower is one of the most luxurious and finest in East Anglia. You can reach the top of the tower in 133 steps where you can overlook the sea and the graveyard of the many sailors who died in the sea.

St. Margaret’s Church, Cley-next-the-Sea

This church is also a large structure built around 1250. It stands in the middle of the village and high ridge where you get an amazing view of the church from Salthouse Heath. The church also houses a wealth of medieval misericords, a late medieval Seven Sacrament font, 15th-century glass, and several excellent 15th and 16th-century memorial brasses, among others.

St. Mary’s Church, Roughton

This church has one of the most ancient round towers in East Anglia. The tower is believed to be of Saxon origin while the main body of the building is Victorian. Its Saxon influence is revealed by the circular double-splayed windows, as well as the triangular-headed double bell arches.

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St. Andrew’s Church, Holt

St. Andrew Church is one of the most beautiful churches in Norfolk that is built around 14th century. It was devastated badly by a fire in 1708, however, William Butterfield remodeled the church in 1862. Inside the church were the unusual Chaucer Window, depicting scenes from Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and the circular 12th-century font, carved with fleur-de-lys symbols.

St. Martin’s Church, Thompson

St. Martin’s church was built around 1300. It was administered and run by priests founded by the Shardlowe family. The church highlights their woodwork including an early 17th-century poppy head bench ends, a 1330 chancel screen, pulpit, and late medieval misericords.

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